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Our services
Construction, overhaul of oil and gas pipelines
Road construction works
Construction, installation and commissioning works
Temporary residential towns
Comfortable living conditions are one of the recipes for the success of effective work in northern latitudes. Workers live in cabins-trailers for two, four or eight people. Places of temporary settlements are equipped with telephone and Internet connection for maximum comfort of employees and communication with the mainland. The comfort of home is our answer to the cold far north and the opportunity to make it a little warmer.
All technical resources
Technical resources
Yamaldorstroy owns an extensive specialized construction fleet of over 1,500 units, which is able to solve any tasks. All equipment is carefully selected, timely maintenance and these are not pretty words of advertising booklets. Beyond the Arctic Circle, not only the terms and money of contracts depend on this - the health and sometimes the lives of our employees are at stake here. There are no workshops at every step, and there is no way to return a faulty unit to the manufacturer. Therefore, we do not skimp on the quality of the equipment used, we are regularly interested in new products and receive feedback from specialists on the ground. This synergy allows you to perform tasks efficiently and with a guarantee of results.
Our pride
Our projects
LLC IC «Rusvietpetro»
LLC IC «Rusvietpetro» Inter-industrial highway from the DNC «Zapadnoye Hosedayu» to the CPS «Severnoye Hosedayu», including Culverts and a bridge over the Nerkatose River 2015 - 2016
LLC IC «Rusvietpetro»
LLC IC «Rusvietpetro» All-season maintenance of unpaved roads and paved roads of CCP blocks No. 1, 2, 3 in the NAO 2017 - 2021
LLC «Bashneft-Polyus»
LLC «Bashneft-Polyus» Engineering preparation of sites and roads at the n.m. named after A. Titov 2018 - 2019
Rosneft Implementation of the SMR Naulskoe n.m. 2018 - 2019
LLC «Taimyrburservice»
LLC «Taimyrburservice» «Engineering preparation of the sites of the well cluster No. 1 of the Irkinsky LU for production drilling and the sites of the search and evaluation wells «Irkinskaya-2», «Irkinskaya-3» 2018 - 2019
JSC «Zarubezhneft»
JSC «Zarubezhneft» Access road to the well bush No. 2 of Yuzhno-Surkharatinsky n.m. (Section from PK0+00.00 to PK90+78.04) 2020
Rosneft Bush playground (Bush 711) Malobalyksky m/r Malobalyksky LU 2020 - 2023
Rosneft Construction of bush sites and access roads (bush 712) m/r Malobalykskoye (May region) 2020 - 2023
Rosneft Construction of bush sites and access roads (bush 501) m/r Yuzhno-Balykskoye (May region) 2020 - 2023
LLC «Vostok Oil»
LLC «Vostok Oil» Oil pipeline «NPS in the area of R. Yenisei - Payakha» 2021 - 2024
LLC «Vostok Oil»
LLC «Vostok Oil» Engineering preparation of the birth «Karaul», «Tanalau», «Vorontsovo», «Lopatka» with the MTR storage base 2021 - 2022
LLC «Vostok Oil»
LLC «Vostok Oil» Development of dry-cut quarry of construction soil No. 1 Irkinsky LU 2021 - 2023
LLC «Vostok Oil»
LLC «Vostok Oil» Development of a dry-cut quarry of construction soil No.2 Payakh LU 2021 - 2023
LLC «Vostok Oil»
LLC «Vostok Oil» Development of a dry-cut quarry of construction soil No. 4 Belo-Sandy LU 2021 - 2023
LLC «Vostok Oil»
LLC «Vostok Oil» Development of dry quarries of construction soil No.5,7,9 Golchikha LU 2021 - 2023
Rosneft Bush playground (Bush 710) Malobalyksky m/r Malobalyksky LU 2021 - 2024
Our advantages
The North is conquered only by the strong. For the company, projects beyond the Arctic Circle are a test of skill and the romance of high latitudes. We take the aptitude exam every day due to the following advantages:
Large fleet of construction equipment
More than 1,500 units of construction equipment owned by the company
Professional equipment
An extensive list of tools and installations for work of any complexity
Developed projects
Minimization of risks due to extensive practical experience
Qualified team
More than 4,000 employees, dozens of successful projects
Our team
About us
A team of professionals that makes the far north closer. We are paving the way for the future, which will give a powerful impetus to the development of not only the northern regions, but the whole country as a whole.
Gainutdinov Mars Akhmetovich
Mars Akhmetovich
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Klimkin Denis Vladimirovich
Denis Vladimirovich
Gainutdinov Roman Marsovich
Roman Marsovich
Vice President for Strategic Directions
Dneprovskiy Maxim Alekseevich
Maxim Alekseevich
We have been trusted by the best since 2007
15 years ago, the Yamaldorstroy company took the first major project beyond the Arctic Circle. Our specialists qualitatively implemented a complex of works and did everything on time. The reputation earned on the first difficult project opened up new opportunities. Since then, we have implemented more than 300 projects of such companies as ROSNEFT, GAZPROM, LUKOIL, Tatneft, Bashneft, VOSTOK OIL and others.

To give the best result is our main goal!

The company is actively developing and the best way to tell about it is a list of current projects and a list of vacancies that are required now. We are looking for specialists who are ready to earn good money, pass the test of northern latitudes and gain unique experience among professionals.
Eurasian Economic Forum May 26, 2022 Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
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Gainutdinov M. A. awarded the badge “HONORARY BUILDER OF RUSSIA”
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Russian Biographical Institute’s version of “People and Events of 2021”
06.12.2021 Read news
Medal awarding ceremonies in honor of the 100th anniversary of the TASSR
14.07.2021 Read news
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